Dear Totspotter,

We started Totspot with a simple mission, to enable moms across America to shop and sell kids fashion easily. Over the last three years, our community has grown in size to over 300,000 members, full of passionate women that sell and shop fashion for their kids and family members.

Today, we are shutting down our marketplace. However, we’re excited to announce that Poshmark is acquiring the Totspot community and you can continue to shop, sell and connect with millions of women on their platform. Currently 1 in every 50 women in the U.S. have chosen Poshmark to sell fashion - everything from women’s to kid’s to men’s items - due to their simple, fun approach to empowering anyone to be successful selling their style. I am continually impressed by their commitment to community and fully believe that it will be the perfect home for Totspotters.

Starting today, we will be winding down our marketplace and discontinuing all buying and selling activity on Totspot and will merge our users and closets into Poshmark. The following will take effect with immediate notice:
  • Totspot will cease all buying and selling on its marketplace (Mobile application and websites) starting 10AM PST on 10/13/2016
  • Totspot users will have 10 days (until midnight 10/23/2016) to cash out their sale credits (Store credits cannot be cashed out). Credits will not be transferred to Poshmark. Credits will need to be cashed out before 10/23/2016.
  • If you have pending sales that need to be shipped to the buyer, you have 3 days from this notice (until 10AM on 10/16/2016) to ship them. Sales that are not shipped before 10/16/2016 will be canceled at that time.
  • Totspot platform will be inaccessible to users starting 10/23/2016. At that time, we will remove the marketplace from App Store, Google Play and the Website will be rendered inactive.
  • We request your patience with customer support during this period as we expect higher volume of requests.

If you have an active listing on Totspot, we are working on a migration tool to help you transfer your listings to Poshmark easily. This should save you a lot of time as you transfer your shops to the Poshmark platform. We will send a separate email with clear instructions regarding closet transfer. We expect to have the tool ready for sellers to migrate closets from Totspot to Poshmark soon and we will email sellers the instructions and tips before noon on 10.14.2016.

Thank you for being a member of the Totspot community and I wish each and every one of you continued success on Poshmark.

Vijay Ramani and Totspot team
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